Ode Broham’s “i need a vacation” EP unveils a summer-infused journey

New York rapper Ode Broham has declared a well-deserved break with the release of his latest EP, i need a vacation. Following two successful singles earlier in 2023, the EP explores themes of freedom and escape, born out of Broham’s experiences with work fatigue during the pandemic.

The concept for i need a vacation originated in 2020, reflecting Broham’s struggle with the challenges of a stressful job. Having previously delved into the work-life balance on his 2019 album, Don’t Come Home Dead, the new EP centres around the idea of stepping away for some much-needed respite.

Canadian-born Broham found additional inspiration in his journey to attain US citizenship, coupled with a musical rebrand that transformed him from Capital Ode to Ode Broham. These elements converged to bring i need a vacation to life.

Thematic diversity characterises the EP with its four tracks covering a range of subjects. The confrontational “All Inclusive Intro” scrutinises the Lower East Side underground scene in NY, where Broham, a guiding force for many artistes, found his ideas and creative contributions uncredited. The EP’s core features the previously released singles: the Pook Hustle-assisted “Eco Drop” and the recent release “BayBae,” featuring fellow NY artiste Jean-Luc. Both tracks showcase Broham’s versatility, transitioning from the atmospheric “Eco Drop” to the vibrant summer energy of “BayBae.”

Closing the EP is “Hoodrat Classic,” where Broham goes solo, paying homage to the various places he has called home – from Toronto to Brooklyn, via Florida, Alabama and New Jersey. This track serves as an ode to his diverse past and a reminder never to forget one’s roots.

Drum Fu handles the production, infusing each track with infectious energy while maintaining its unique identity. 

The EP, which had its digital release on November 21st on Children Playing Records, promises to solidify Ode Broham’s standing in the rap landscape, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more from the rising artiste.


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