Nobody wants “Joker 2”: DC fans criticise ‘unnecessary’ sequel

News of a Joker sequel on the way has been met with an underwhelming reaction from fans.

The 2019 psychological thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular anti-hero won rave reviews, earning its lead an Oscar award for Best Actor.

Reports have emerged that the film’s director Todd Phillips has “struck a deal to co-write the next Joker instalment”.

Despite the overwhelming praise for the original, news of a follow-up to the comic book adaptation has received an underwhelming response with many people arguing that it’s “1000% necessary”, the Independent reports.

“Why do we need Joker 2? One was fine. Other than introducing Harley Quinn or Batman, I can’t see what they could do,” responded one user.

Another commented: “I can not think of a less necessary movie than ‘Joker 2.’” Someone else wrote: “Idk how I feel about this. Joker was a complete film on its own. I’m still gonna see Joker 2, but it’s 1000% not necessary.”

“We really don’t need a Joker 2,” said a third person. “The first movie stands very well on its own. It’s a fantastic self-contained story, and adding to it isn’t really necessary. Still gonna see it tho.”

“NOBODY WANTS JOKER 2,” wrote another person.

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