Nick Carter faces 3rd lawsuit over sexual assault allegations, denies claims

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter is facing his third lawsuit over sexual assault allegations, as a woman identified only as “A.R.” has filed a lawsuit claiming he assaulted her multiple times in 2003 when she was 15 and he was 23. 

The legal documents reveal disturbing details, including allegations of Carter providing alcohol, drugs, and transmitting a sexually transmitted disease.

The plaintiff states that the first alleged incident took place on Carter’s yacht in August 2003, where she alleges he engaged in sexual acts without her consent. 

Two more alleged incidents are listed in the lawsuit, one of which is said to have occurred on Carter’s tour bus. The lawsuit also claims that Carter “enticed three other men” to watch them during another alleged incident on the yacht.

In response, Carter’s attorney Dale Hayes Jr. issued a statement expressing the singer’s satisfaction with the filing, as it might bring all known co-conspirators to justice. 

The attorney dismissed the allegations, highlighting that authorities had previously investigated and concluded that the accuser’s claims were meritless. Carter’s attorney also mentioned that the accuser had been threatened with criminal charges for filing a false police report in the past.

Carter has consistently denied the accusations, countering with lawsuits against his accusers for extortion. Despite the legal battle, Carter expressed optimism about the ongoing legal process and looked forward to sharing his side of the story once it concludes. 

The singer had previously been sued by Shannon Ruth and Melissa Schuman for alleged sexual assaults, leading to a series of legal maneuvers between the parties involved.

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