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New James Bond story announced in honour of King Charles

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service”, a brand-new James Bond story, has been commissioned in honour of King Charles ahead of his coronation.

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service”, a tale said to “bring Bond into the present day” ahead of King Charles’ coronation this year, according to reports.

Charlie Higson, the author behind the Young Bond series, has been commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to write “On His Majesty’s Secret Service”. It will be published on May 4, two days before King Charles’ coronation and marking 60 years since Fleming’s original novel.

According to Variety, “It is May 4, two days before the coronation of King Charles III. Bond is sent at the last minute to thwart an attempt to disrupt the coronation by the wealthy, eccentric and self-styled Athelstan of Wessex, who is on a deadly mission of his own to teach the United Kingdom a lesson. Bond must dismantle his shady plans and defeat his privately hired team of mercenaries.”

In a statement, Higson reportedly said: “When Ian Fleming Publications came to me with the idea of writing an adult Bond story a little more than a month ago I was thrilled – until I realised it had to be ready for the coronation in May.

“Getting it written and turned around in such a short space of time was going to be as tense and heart-pounding as any Bond mission. Although, of course, nobody would actually be shooting at me.

“Everything you want from a Bond story is in there – sex, violence, cars, a colourful villain with a nasty henchman, and of course, Bond himself, so well-known and yet so unknowable.”

All proceeds from the sales of the new book will go towards the National Literacy Trust, a UK charity that works with schools in a mission to raise literacy levels across the country, particularly in its most disadvantaged communities.


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