Emma Corrin

Netflix’s next period drama could be steamier than “Bridgerton”

The next period drama coming soon to Netflix is likely steamier than fan favourite Bridgerton, which has captivated the world on the streaming service. 

According to Nylon, Golden Globe winner Emma Corrin is returning to Netflix as the lead in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, an episodic adaptation of the classic novel by D.H. Lawrence.

The publication reports that following her success as Princess Diana in The Crown, this series gives Corrin, who uses she/they pronouns, another chance to play a love-torn wife. The upcoming television series uses a forbidden romance to unveil the complexities between the upper class and the world around them, and it’s very raunchy.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Nylon points out, is famously known for being a scandalous text. The original book was published in Italy in 1928, then re-released in France in 1929. After some heavy editing, an additional version was published in England. However, the book did not make it overseas until the 1960s, after being the subject of an obscenity trial for its provocative plot.

Photo credit: Nylon

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