Eddie Murphy

Netflix movie to feature Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Anthony Anderson, others

Netflix has a lot of original content coming in 2022, including a new Kenya Barris-helmed comedy starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy Cinema Blend reports.

The film, the report says, will act as the Black-ish director’s Netflix film debut, and it looks like Anthony Anderson, one of the stars of that ABC series, has graced us with a picture featuring some of the upcoming movie’s star-studded cast.

Can you imagine going to just another day at work and running into Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy? Even for an actor in Hollywood, that’s got to be one good day, and that’s exactly what happened to Anthony Anderson. The Black-ish actor shared a photo of himself amongst Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy and others to his Instagram while exuding such a grateful and positive tone to be where he is. 

The Netflix film in question will be both written and directed by Kenya Barris, but Jonah Hill is also taking up the role as co-writer for the project. The comedy, in addition to Hill and Eddie Murphy, has some other pretty recognisable players in the cast, like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny. 

The film will release sometime next year and should be the next film release featuring Eddie Murphy, with the long-awaited revival of Beverly Hills Cop 4 to follow sometime later. We have a much closer film to look forward to from Jonah Hill, though, as Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is set to arrive on Netflix on December 10.

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