Narrative Landscape Press to release 6 books August 2021

Narrative Landscape Press will be publishing six new books for its 2021 August Break schedule. This is notable because, for the first time, these titles are available for pre-order on their website. This announcement was made via the company’s July 13 newsletter.

The Nigerian editions of Notes on Grief, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s long essay on grief and coming to terms with loss, and In the Company of Men, the English translation of Veronique Tadjo’s short novel on the West African Ebola epidemic lead this exciting list.

Chibundu Onuzo joins Narrative Landscape’s list of authors with a Nigerian edition of her 2018 novel, Welcome to Lagos. The publishing company will also publish a Nigerian edition of her 2021 novel, Sankofa, later this year. She is joined by Radio Sunrise’s author, Anietie Isong. The Nigerian edition of his 2018 novel is one of the books on this list of titles for the Nigerian market.

Narrative Landscape Press prides itself on “publishing what we like”. And in this journey, they have come across new voices. Rounding off this late summer reading list is Lawrence Amaeshi’s Five Brown Envelopes, a thriller in which a young multi-billionaire’s fortune is entangled in a criminal syndicate. In a first for prominent essayist and gadfly to the corrupt and inept, Niran Adedokun’s collection of short stories, The Law is an Ass will also hit the stands in company of this fine list of books.

Excerpts of these books are available to be read and downloaded on the Narrative Landscape Press’ website,

Narrative Landscape Press is a Lagos-based independent publishing company founded by Anwuli Ojogwu and Dr Eghosa Imasuen in 2016. It is a traditional publishing company that is interested in publishing African voices. Our authors include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Oyinkan Braithwaite and Marlon James. The company also provides publishing services to other publishing houses and self-publishing authors within the Nigerian space.

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