My mother was raped — Brymo

Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, widely known as Brymo, has opened up about the traumatic experiences that shaped his life and career in a deeply personal and revealing interview on #WithChude.

Speaking with host Chude Jideonwo, the Nigerian singer and songwriter, delved into his complex background, the influence of his mother’s resilience and the controversies that have marked his journey in the music industry.

Brymo shared a harrowing story from his family history, revealing the circumstances of his birth. “My mum had a traumatic experience as a teenage girl; she was raped,” he disclosed. This brutal incident, he explained, had long-lasting effects on his mother. 

“For some weird reasons, she didn’t see her period anymore afterwards. And for some weird reasons, she didn’t see her period anymore afterwards. And that kept on like that for three years or so till she met my dad, they were taking her around without knowing that she was already pregnant. Five months in and there was no blood, nothing. I had to kick for her to know that a child was there” 

This profound experience of his mother deeply influenced Brymo. He credits her fortitude and openness for his own courage in facing public scrutiny. 

“My mum was a survivor of a tragic experience, and her life greatly influenced me,” he said. Brymo recounted how his mother, immediately after the rape, confronted the issue head-on. “She went straight home and told everyone, ‘this person just raped me’. The next day, the rapist came with his parents to beg, pretending he wanted to marry her. She vehemently refused.”

Brymo attributes his outspoken nature to his mother’s example and the unconditional support she received from her father. 

“My mother was especially loved by her father. He let her express herself freely, and she extended that freedom to me.”

The singer also discussed how his music reflects his true persona, contrary to critics’ claims that there is a separation between his art and his public image. 

“People insist they can separate the art from the artiste. I think it’s a fallacy,” he stated. 

“If someone truly listens to my lyrics and pays attention to my online persona, they will see an alignment. The freedom to express myself in my music is integral to who I am.”

Brymo also addressed a controversial episode involving fellow musician Adekunle Gold and his wife, Simi. 

“Adekunle Gold approached me about creating an album together, but I declined. Later, rumours spread linking me and Falz to Simi, leading to baseless allegations. Nigerians are sick people. They came to me; it didn’t happen.”

The interview is part of the widely popular #WithChude series, known for its in-depth and candid conversations. The show, reaching an average of eight million viewers weekly, provides a platform for guests to share their stories, often revealing personal and previously undisclosed details. It has featured notable personalities such as actor Joke Silva and producer Kemi Afolabi, discussing significant issues like dementia and lupus.

For Brymo, the interview was not just an opportunity to clear up misconceptions but also a chance to highlight the strength and influence of his mother’s spirit, which continues to guide him through the complexities of life and fame.

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