“Moonlighting” lands on Hulu amid Bruce Willis’ dementia battle

Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd in ‘Moonlighting’ | CREDIT: ABC PHOTO ARCHIVES/ABC VIA GETTY

Moonlighting, which catapulted Bruce Willis to stardom, has landed on Hulu, making it accessible for fans old and new to relive the charm of this classic ’80s series.

Created by Glenn Gordon Caron and featuring the charismatic Cybill Shepherd, Moonlighting is renowned for its snappy dialogue and quick-witted banter, embodying Willis’ strengths as an actor. However, a poignant twist of fate has altered the narrative. Willis has been battling dementia, rendering him largely unable to communicate.

Caron, who played an instrumental role in bringing Moonlighting to streaming, shared, “I know he’s really happy that [Moonlighting] is going to be available for people, even though he can’t tell me that.” Caron expressed his gratitude for being able to communicate with Willis about the show before the disease took its toll, emphasising the deep significance it holds for the star.

Bruce Willis’ family disclosed his diagnosis of aphasia in March 2022, a condition that has since developed into frontotemporal dementia. Despite his condition, Caron visits Willis regularly and believes that for a brief moment, Willis recognises him.

Moonlighting, although highly acclaimed, had been elusive on streaming platforms due to music rights issues, which Disney has now resolved, ensuring that this classic show is available for streaming on Hulu, allowing a new generation to appreciate the talent and charisma that propelled Bruce Willis to fame.

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