Montreal International Poetry Prize 2024 open for submissions till May 15th

The literary hub of Montreal once again opens its arms to the world’s poets as the prestigious Montreal International Poetry Prize declares its 2024 edition officially open for submissions. With a deadline set for May 15th, poets from over a hundred countries are invited to vie for the coveted title and a staggering $20,000 prize, the largest for a single original poem of forty lines or fewer written in English.

Established in 2010 by Montreal poet and critic Asa Boxer, in collaboration with the legendary Leonard Cohen, the Montreal Prize has evolved into a beacon for literary excellence, now finding its home at McGill University’s Department of English. Funded by poets for poets, the competition’s ethos is rooted in inclusivity, embracing the diverse spectrum of English-language poetry from around the globe.

Anonymity reigns supreme in the adjudication process, with jurors and judges meticulously evaluating each submission solely on its poetic merit, detached from the identity of its creator. This year’s esteemed panel of jurors includes luminaries such as Caroline Bird, Kaie Kellough, and A.E. Stallings, Oxford Professor of Poetry.

Beyond the allure of the substantial cash prize, the Montreal Prize fosters a vibrant community of poets, celebrating the art of self-expression and fostering meaningful connections among participants. The sixty finalists will see their work immortalised in The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2024, published by Véhicule Press, ensuring their voices resonate within the literary landscape for years to come.

Reflecting on the impact of past laureates, such as 2022 winner Claire Wahmanholm for her poignant piece “Glacier,” the Montreal Prize continues to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and engagement with pressing global issues, such as the climate crisis.

As the anticipation builds for the revelation of the next winner and finalists, the Montreal International Poetry Prize stands as a testament to the enduring power of poetry in forging connections across borders and inspiring hearts and minds worldwide.

For aspiring poets and literary enthusiasts alike, more information can be found at

For media inquiries, please contact the Montreal Prize Committee at

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