Mo Abudu & Joke Silva Join John Boyega in Berating Sky News On Calling African Hairstyle ‘Corona Virus Haircut’

Media mogul, Mo Abudu and veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva are among the newest voices against the racist depiction of an African Hairstyle as ‘Corona Virus Haircut.’

By a combination of amateur reporting and incredibly-flawed research, Sky News has managed to be in the news again.

In an article published on Monday claiming a Kenyan Mother’s extreme measures to save up money led to her creating a spiked ‘Corona Virus’ hairstyle, the news outlet reported that the hairstyle in question has grown to become a trend in Africa.
Their erroneous premise of describing Africa as a country rather than a continent is not their most egregious reporting flaw.

The ‘fictional’ article not only quoted just one person, while claiming the existence of the ‘Corona Virus hairstyle’ is a popular trend, but failed to establish a widespread audience of people and quotes to help buttress its fledgling point.

Mo Abudu has called for more African women to lend their voices to the derogatory and inaccurate article and for Sky News to take down the article in question.

The article was later edited to reflect just the Kenyan hairdresser’s story of making more affordable hairstyles to relect the pockets of her customers in these Corona virus times.

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