Michelle Yeoh ties the knot with long-term partner Jean Todt after 19-year engagement

In a joyous celebration of love, renowned actress Michelle Yeoh, 60, and former Ferrari chief Jean Todt, 77, have finally exchanged vows after an impressive 19-year engagement. 

The couple’s wedding reportedly took place in an elegantly adorned room in Geneva, where they were surrounded by friends and family.

Yeoh shared their special moments on Instagram, delighting fans with photos from the ceremony. 

The Oscar-winning actress looked radiant in an elegant white outfit, while Todt looked dashing in a navy blue suit. The lovebirds were also spotted cuddled up in a bed adorned with rose petals and towel swans, commemorating their union.

One of the photos paid tribute to Yeoh’s iconic role in the 1997 Bond film, as it was edited to feature her and Todt, with the touching message “Love Never Dies.”

The couple’s love story began in Shanghai in 2004, with Todt proposing to Yeoh, who happily said “Yes!” After almost 7,000 days of being engaged, they celebrated their marriage with friends and famous faces like former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa.

Yeoh’s illustrious career has spanned from Hong Kong to Hollywood, earning her accolades and fame, including an Academy Award for best actress. Her star will be added to the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame in the class of 2024.

Meanwhile, Todt’s remarkable journey in the automotive world as the former president of FIA adds another dimension to their fascinating love story. With their hearts full of love and happiness, Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt embark on a new chapter in their lives together, and the world eagerly celebrates their union.

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