Masobe Books enriches literary portfolio with Olukorede Yishau’s compelling novel “After The End”

Masobe Books has secured the rights to publish “After The End,” the highly anticipated sophomore novel by Olukorede S Yishau, a distinguished nominee for the Nigerian Prize for Literature. The novel, hailed by the publisher as a poignant exploration of grief, closure and the intricacies of life, revolves around two women united by a shared tragedy.

Yishau, an accomplished and award-winning editor with an impressive 23 years of experience, has previously been recognised for his literary contributions. His debut novel, In The Name of Our Father, was shortlisted for the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature in 2021, setting high expectations for “After The End.”

The author’s versatility extends beyond the realm of creative writing; he boasts a rich history in journalism, having earned accolades such as the Nigeria Media Merit Awards (NMMA) multiple times. Yishau’s exceptional reporting journey includes induction into the US Department of States International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), providing unique insights into American politics during the re-election of former President Barack Obama.

“After The End” is anticipated to add another layer to Yishau’s literary legacy, following the critical success of his novel In The Name of Our Father and the well-received collection of short stories, Vaults of Secrets

The acquisition by Masobe Books solidifies the publisher’s commitment to showcasing diverse and compelling voices in contemporary literature.

As the US Bureau Chief for The Nation, Yishau continues to contribute to the literary landscape with his weekly column, “Above Whispers,” offering readers a thoughtful perspective on a wide array of topics. 

Masobe Books looks forward to bringing “After The End” to readers, inviting them to embark on a journey through Yishau’s nuanced storytelling and exploration of the human experience.

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