Major Keys: Daily Highlights from Social Media Week Lagos- Day 4


Crossing the creative spectrum into a more robust role and still remaining relevant in the space is not an easy feat.
Very few brands have ventured into the unknown and fewer still have survived the cross.

Fast Company Editor, KC Ifeanyi engaged record label executive and serial entrepreneur, Banky W in a conversation about his evolution from a music superstar to an entertainment mogul and everything in-between.

The one-on-one podcast session which was recorded live at the Social Media Week Lagos panel stage, kicked off with why Banky at the start of his career abandoned a paying job in engineering to make an unpredictable foray into music.

” I knew that if I didn’t make a move that I would years down the line regret my actions, so I did.”

On how he was able to transition seamlessly from singer to entrepreneur, without missing a beat, he fired back.

“If you are still actively involved in the day to day creative process of your enterprise, then all you have is a job and not yet a business. The music was the first phase on our journey to building an entertainment empire so when it was time to kick off the next phase, we didn’t hesitate.

“Do you miss the music?”, KC persisted

A short pause.

He confessed to missing it a little but reiterated that he couldn’t effectively work ‘in the job’ and make headway in ‘working on the job.’

“The music business was really good to us but we now make at least three times more as an agency than we did from running a music label.”

Making movies is Banky’s latest interest, with ‘Up North’ and more recently ‘Sugar Rush’ and when asked about what informed his interest in the Nollywood space, he countered with, “At the heart of everything I do, I am a storyteller. So movies are another way to get the message out there.”

Politics and activism was addressed, with Banky W’s surprise navigation into local politics last year. A total detour from the music maverick the fans have come to know and love.

His answer was surprisingly more inspirational than political, a fact that kept coming out more and more in the conversation.

“When I die and leave this earth, I want to be able to know that I did all that was in my power to effect change in the lives of people.”

KC Ifeanyi didn’t leave Banky’s wife out of the discourse, because being married to the undisputed Nollywood rom-com queen must have it’s perks, acting-wise.

It did.

“If you see me in any role that is at least decently delivered, then I owe that success to my wife who is my acting coach.”

KC finally gave the audience a chance to quizz Banky.

The audience didn’t disappoint, the cancer question was not too far away. Banky W, a while ago, had battled skin cancer and lived to tell the tale. An audience member wanted to know his state of mind when he was going through the ordeal.

“My family took it harder than I did. I didn’t ever think I was going to die because I had my faith going for me. It helped me through the dark times and balanced my perspective.”

The full podcast episode of creative conversations with Banky W by Fast Company will air soon and you can find it wherever you listen to your podcast.

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