MailChimp & Vimeo Present ‘Stories In Place’

In partnership with Vimeo, Mailchimp presents a new collection of Stories in Place, a grant-funded video series that chronicles small businesses from around the world as they navigate the current business environment. In this series we’ll focus on the power, creativity, and business savvy of Black filmmakers and Black business owners.

In a year where so many businesses are fighting to succeed, Black entrepreneurs are proving their resilience by continuing to operate and adapt given a global pandemic.

Seven Black filmmakers capture perspectives from behind the counters of their favorite neighborhood spots.

In the shadow of a global pandemic, economic collapse, and ongoing racial injustice, 
these films show the spectrum of experiences among Black small-business owners and their communities.

These 7 films by 7 different directors artfully capture Black small business owners as they work to make their businesses thrive in the face of a pandemic.

Check out the film’s in the link below:

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