LOVN captivates with ‘Hosanna,’ a plea for genuine love

LOVN continues his ascent in the music industry with the release of his latest single, “Hosanna.” Dubbed the “SOUNDBENDER” by his ever-growing fan base, the Nigerian Afropop sensation has carved out a unique niche for himself, blending heartfelt lyrics with infectious rhythms.

LOVN’s remarkable journey to fame began serendipitously in 2019 when a chance opportunity led him to audition for the popular talent show, Access The Stars. His standout performance captured the hearts of the judges and the audience, culminating in his triumph in April 2020. This victory marked the beginning of his swift rise in the Nigerian entertainment landscape.

“Hosanna,” an evocative Afropop love song, delves deep into the quest for authentic connection. Unlike many love songs that get lost in grandiose claims and superficial declarations, LOVN’s “Hosanna” resonates with sincerity. The track pulsates with a vibrant Afropop beat as LOVN implores his love interest to see past empty words and recognize the depth of his commitment.

In “Hosanna,” LOVN emphasises that true love is about more than just words—it’s about genuine actions and real connection. His heartfelt plea, set against the backdrop of his distinctive sound, is poised to resonate with listeners both in Nigeria and beyond.

As LOVN continues to make waves, fans and newcomers alike can follow his journey and stay updated on his latest releases through his Instagram.

Listen/stream here.

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