“Lion King” singer says mum changed his life by rejecting a whopping $2m

Jason Weaver, known for his role as the singing voice of young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King, has recently opened up about a pivotal decision that changed his life and highlighted the exploitative practices in Hollywood.

According to Upworthy, in a candid interview with VladTV in 2019, Weaver revealed that it was his mother’s foresight that secured him a groundbreaking contract. Disney had offered the young actor a staggering $2 million for his role, a sum that left his family elated. However, his mother, having researched Disney’s re-releasing strategies, proposed a revolutionary alternative.

Weaver’s mother insisted on negotiating a contract based on royalties, a rare deal at the time, especially for a relatively unknown artiste. Disney ultimately agreed to pay Weaver $100,000 upfront for his work and a share of the movie’s revenue each time it was re-released. This unconventional arrangement set a new precedent, ensuring that Weaver received royalties for years to come.

Weaver acknowledged that his mother’s confidence in his abilities and her vision for his long-term financial stability were instrumental in the decision. The actor’s royalties have since exceeded the initial $2 million offer, securing his financial future and allowing him to pass on this income to future generations.

This story sheds light on the exploitative contracts prevalent in the entertainment industry, where artists often receive minimal compensation for their contributions to projects that generate enormous profits. Jason Weaver’s mother’s bold decision not only changed his life but also paved the way for a fairer compensation system for artists, highlighting the importance of challenging industry norms and advocating for a just share of the revenue.

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