Legendary musician Jimmy Buffett, icon of Margaritaville, passes away at 76

Iconic musician Jimmy Buffett, renowned for his island-inspired tunes and Margaritaville persona, has passed away at the age of 76. While his music and lifestyle made him a multi-millionaire, it’s worth noting that Buffett had shifted away from his signature margarita preferences in recent years.

In a 2020 interview with USA Today, Buffett candidly admitted his changing tastes, stating, “Margaritas have gotten very sweet. I like real lime juice; I don’t like a lot of sugar.” This confession hinted at his evolving palate.

In a 2018 New York Times article, Buffett revealed his preference for a simpler libation – tequila on the rocks with a hint of lime. This choice, he explained, offered a less sugary and more refined alternative to the beverage that had become synonymous with his brand.

As fans worldwide mourn the loss of the man who transported them to a tropical state of mind, Delish encourages everyone to raise a glass in his honour, whether it’s a classic margarita or Buffett’s own refined tequila choice. Jimmy Buffett’s legacy will live on in the hearts of his devoted followers.

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