Lana Del Rey apologises truncated Glastonbury show

Lana Del Rey has apologised to her fans for the abrupt ending to her Glastonbury show last month, according to reports. 

The US singer-songwriter arrived half an hour late for her set and had the plug pulled when she broke the curfew. Despite begging Glastonbury bosses to let her play “one more song”, Del Rey had to leave without finishing. 

Playing London’s Hyde Park on Sunday, she introduced the song “Diet Mountain Dew” by saying: “This is where I got cut off last time – sorry about that.” 

Thankfully, she was still able to finish her show before the strict 22:30 curfew, leaving fans with a blissful version of “Video Games” performed on a garlanded swing suspended from the rafters of the stage. 

The 19-song set was the same show she had intended to stage at Glastonbury – a highly conceptual, ultra-stylised performance, with Del Rey surrounded by a swirl of dancers who drift around her, showering the stage with glitter and performing improbable feats of gymnastics, adding a theatrical element to her wistfully baroque music.

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