#LABAF2019 – Opening of GREEN FESTIVAL @Food court

 Through the session curated by the Children Care for the Environment, CATE, founded by the Environmental author and activist, Sola Alamutu aka Green Queen (GQ), the young ones partake in mentoring and workshop sessions that help them discover their talents and/or sharpen their skills through creative activities such as writing, reading, storytelling, spelling bees, drama, dance, poetry and music. Over the years the session popularly referred to as the GREEN. FESTIVAL or the Children/Youth Segment of the LABAF, has grown from its initial 3-day duration to a full one-week event. There have been 13 annual editions already, and this year is the 14th, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the CATE, and thus have a robust programme line-up. The Green Festival often enjoys the collaboration of the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Date: Friday, Nov 8, 2019

Time: 9 am

Venue: Food Court, Freedom Park, Lagos

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