Korede Bello’s second act, ‘KoreDay’ sets the mood for serenity

Korede Bello has unleashed his highly anticipated sophomore album, KoreDay, marking a significant milestone in the Nigerian singer-songwriter’s illustrious career. 

Known for his soul-stirring vocals and poignant songwriting, according to a statement, Korede Bello has once again struck a chord with listeners as he navigates the intricacies of life through his music.

With a decade of chart-topping hits to his name as a recording artiste and performer, Korede Bello surprises fans with the release of his sophomore album.

KoreDay is a daylong narrative that mirrors the diverse experiences of human existence. From the exhilarating anticipation of a new day to moments of introspection and growth, Korede Bello’s musical odyssey encapsulates love, heartbreak, resilience and self-discovery.

The tracklist reads like a poetic journey, with interludes punctuating key moments and emotions. Tracks like “Cover Me” and “Most Beautiful Girl On The Planet” resonate with universal themes of love and admiration, while “Hard Girl” and “Moving Mad” delve into the complexities of relationships and personal struggles.

One of the album’s highlights is the collaboration with renowned producer Don Jazzy on “Minding My Business,” a fusion of infectious beats and meaningful lyrics that showcase Korede Bello’s evolution as an artist.

In a recent statement, Korede Bello shared his creative vision for KoreDay, stating, “I wanted to create an album that not only entertains but also resonates with people on a deeper level. Each song is a piece of me, reflecting different aspects of life and emotions we all experience.”

Fans and critics alike have praised KoreDay for its authenticity, musical diversity and ability to connect with listeners on a personal level. The album’s seamless blend of Afrobeat, R&B and pop elements further solidifies Korede Bello’s position as a trailblazer in the Nigerian music scene.

As KoreDay continues to make waves across streaming platforms and airwaves, Korede Bello’s message of hope, resilience, and self-expression shines through, making this musical journey a timeless masterpiece for generations to come.

Press play and let KOREDAY kickstart your day here.

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  1. Happy Birthday To me (Interlude)
  2. Today Is Koreday (Interlude)
  3. Cover Me
  4. Heartbreak Story (Interlude)
  5. Dracula
  6. Most Beautiful Girl On The Planet
  7. Sisi
  8. Rumour
  9. Hard Girl Talk (Interlude)
  10. Hard Girl
  11. Tell Me
  12. Round One
  13. Akorede (Interlude)
  14. Minding My Business ft. Don Jazzy
  15. How Does It Make You Feel (Interlude)
  16. Moving Mad
  17. What Wedding Song? (Interlude)
  18. Complete (Naked)
  19. Who’s She? (Interlude)
  20. Yoruba Girl
  21. Hey Beautiful (Interlude)
  22. Smile
  23. 9 PM (Interlude)
  24.  My Bed
  25. Tomorrow
  26. Little Child
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