Kokopelli Gallery unveils Akinlabi ‘Phisha’ Akinbulumo’s debut solo exhibition, “Half Mask: Indivi-duality”

Kokopelli Gallery is set to captivate art enthusiasts with the debut solo exhibition of Akinlabi ‘Phisha’ Akinbulumo, titled “Half Mask: Indivi-duality.” 

Running from January 7th to January 20th, 2024, this visual symphony explores the delicate interplay between public personas and private vulnerabilities.

Akinbulumo, a seasoned story spotter, storyteller and visual artist with a decade of experience, unveils a universal narrative in “Half Mask: Indivi-duality.” The exhibition delves into the intricate struggle to present our best selves while concealing underlying insecurities, portraying the dual nature within each of us. Fear intertwines with strength and joy overlays hidden sadness in this compelling exploration of the human psyche.

The concept of “half masks” takes centre stage, challenging the notion of deceptive veils. These intentional presentations, shaped by the desire for connection and understanding, reflect the universal need for integration with others beyond the barriers of solitude. Akinbulumo employs his signature high-contrast black and white photography/art, inviting viewers to confront the nuanced layers of existence and fostering empathy in the collective journey through life’s challenges.

With 30 artworks and several installation pieces, the exhibition invites visitors to contemplate the masks they wear and the stories beneath the surface. It serves as a timely journey into identity, vulnerability and authenticity, acting as a compelling conversation starter for 2024.


The exhibition which opens Sundays – Mondays at 2PM to 5PM, Tuesdays – Saturday at 10AM to 6PM takes place at Kokopelli Gallery, 17 Ademola Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Established in 2021, Kokopelli Gallery is a modern and contemporary art space dedicated to showcasing ingenious artists mastering the art of storytelling. With an experimental approach, the gallery offers a multi-roomed setting, including the immersive Grotto—a literal roomful of stories. The space serves as a platform for creatives to engage in the tradition and dialogue of storytelling.


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