Kenyan novelist Henry Ole Kulet has passed away.

Kenyan novelist Henry Ole Kulet passed away after a short illness on February 16, 2021.

Henry Ole Kulet is known for his novels which capture various aspects of the environment, and of the culture and experience of the Maa or Maasai people. Some of his books include To Become a Man (1972), It is Possible (1975), Daughter of Maa (1987), The Hunter (1985), Moran on More (1990), Bandits of Kibi (1999), Blossoms of the Savannah (2008), Vanishing Herds (2011) (our review), and The Elephant Dance (2016).

Some of his awards for writing include winning the Jomo Kenyatta for Literature thrice for Blossoms of the Savannah in 2009, Vanishing Herds in 2013, and The Elephant Dance in 2017. He has national honours getting the Elder of the Burning Spear: Second Class from the Kenyan president in 2019.

Mr Kulet, who was 75-years-old, passed away at Nakuru’s Mediheal Hospital following a short illness.

Source: JamesMurua Blog

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