Kazuo Ishiguro’s melodic collection of lyrics for publication next year

Kazuo Ishiguro is set to unveil a unique literary offering in March 2024, as his collection of lyrics, originally penned for American jazz singer Stacey Kent, is scheduled for publication. Alfred A Knopf’s publishing company made the announcement on Thursday, September 14th, highlighting the longstanding friendship and collaboration between Ishiguro and Kent.

Ishiguro’s lyrical journey began with his contributions to Kent’s album Breakfast on the Morning Tram, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2009. 

Over the years, he continued to lend his lyrical talents to Kent’s other albums, including Dreamer in Concert and I Know I Dream.

While Ishiguro is best known for his novels like Klara and the Sun and Never Let Me Go, he originally started his writing career crafting songs. He stated, “I’ve built a reputation over the years as a writer of stories, but I started out writing songs.”

Jordan Pavlin, the senior vice president and editor-in-chief of Knopf, noted that Ishiguro’s songwriting served as an apprenticeship for his novelistic endeavours, and this lyric collection echoes the poignant themes found in his novels.

Faber publishing director Angus Cargill described Ishiguro’s collection as a “fascinating companion piece” to his fiction, offering insights into his characteristic themes and artistic collaboration. The book, titled “The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain,” promises to be a captivating exploration of memory, love, travel, and the evocative power of music, complete with Ishiguro’s personal introduction and exquisite illustrations by Bianca Bagnarelli. Ishiguro’s foray into songwriting, as he expressed in a 2015 interview, taught him the art of conveying meaning subtly, a skill that has left an indelible mark on his fiction. Mark your calendars for March 5, 2024, when this lyrical masterpiece is set to be released.

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