Kanye West Drops ‘Jesus Is King’ This Week

Controversial rapper and husband to reality show star, Kim Kardashian, is set to drop a gospel album, ‘Jesus is King’ this week.

Known for his eccentric expressions and unpredictable antics, Kanye West recently kick started an exclusive church experience, where invited guests could come enjoy ‘gospel’ versions of Kanye’s hit songs.

Following the unexpected move that has kept industry stakeholders, PR experts and show promoters scratching their heads non-stop in confusion, the contradictory pop star who also doubles as a fashion entrepreneur then announced the release of a gospel album.

Many people initially disregarded the news, putting it to one of Kanye’s many eccentric ideas ( and he has had tons) that would never see the light of day- but in a post on social media today, the ‘Yeesuz’ rapper announced that the album ‘Jesus is King’ will drop on the 25th of October and also tweeted what is assumed to be an image of the proposed album cover.

Everyone is waiting for this, because it is of considerable interest to both the secular and the gospel world, following Kanye West’s controversial Yeesuz album, which featured him as a Black Jesus, complete with thorns of crown and the required attire.

Is Kanye, like his predecessor R. Kelly, set to take the gospel world by storm or is this another metaphorical representation of kingship?

Friday will tell.

Image credit: USA today, Yeesuz album

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