John Legend and Kanye West no longer real friends

They may smile at each other but trust issues seem to have switched up the numbers in the friendship between singer John Legend and rapper Kanye West.

According to a Daily Mail report, Legend says his friendship with West is not what it used to be because of the rapper’s support for former President Donald Trump. 

Legend spoke out about the pair’s now-tarnished friendship on an episode of CNN’s The Axe Files and revealed that they publicly disagreed on Kanye’s running for office, supporting Trump and that it became ‘too much for us to sustain our friendship, honestly.

West was an outspoken supporter of Trump when the former president was in office, while Legend has been a longtime Trump critic. 

In the podcast episode released on Thursday,  Legend revealed that their falling out was also a result of West getting upset because he did not support Trump’s run for the presidency.

Legend got his big break in music thanks to his affiliation with West,

“[Kanye and I] aren’t friends as much as we used to be,” John Legend told host David Axelrod. “I honestly think because we publicly disagreed on his running for office, his supporting Trump, I think it became too much for us to sustain our friendship, honestly.”

The singer said he had tried to amend things over the years but the former G.O.O.D. Music affiliate told Axelrod things took a turn when, West, who changed his name recently to Ye, hired one of Donald Trump’s lawyers to help his 2020 presidential run, which spurred Legend to speak out publicly against his former friend on social media.

West didn’t like that at all and now they have drifted apart like aggrieved ex lovers with nothing to say to eachother.

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