Joel Lwaga spreads divine joy with release of “Good To Go” album

Joel Lwaga has delighted fans with the release of his latest musical masterpiece, the Good To Go album, which hit the airwaves on November 21, 2023. Comprising 11 soul-stirring tracks, the album is a testament to the goodness of God and the unwavering fulfillment of His promises.

Collaborating with esteemed gospel artistes such as Rose Muhando, Paul Clement, Walter Chilambo and Zoravo, the Tanzanian gospel singer’s album seamlessly blends Afro-gospel with contemporary worship, offering listeners a diverse and spiritually enriching musical experience.

From the powerful testimonies woven into each song to the uplifting messages and heartfelt prayers, Good To Go serves as a beacon of encouragement, urging listeners to focus on life’s positive facets, trust in God’s divine plan, and bask in His favor and grace.

Highlight tracks like “Umenishangaza” celebrate God’s surpassing greatness, inviting listeners to believe in His limitless power. The duet “Mkono wa Bwana” with Rose Muhando extols the transformative work of God’s hand in changing life situations for the better. The Afro-gospel tune “The Way” emphasizes total dependence on God as the ultimate solution to every problem.

Available on all major streaming platforms, the Good To Go album is poised to resonate with audiences globally, delivering a spiritual journey through music that transcends boundaries.

A multifaceted gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader, Joel Lwaga initially burst onto the music scene in 2016 with his debut album, Mimi ni Wa Juu. Boasting hits like “Umejua Kunifurahisha,” “Sitabaki Nilivyo” and “Mwaka Mpya,” Lwaga has not only garnered awards such as the Groove Awards Tanzania and the Maranatha Global Worship Music Awards but has also made a significant impact through the Joel Lwaga Foundation, supporting orphans and widows.

Embracing a life dedicated to spreading the gospel through music and humanitarian efforts, Joel Lwaga, alongside his wife Esther Lwaga, continues to inspire and uplift communities, leaving an indelible mark on hearts worldwide.
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