J-Weezy’s “Friday” uplifts with a celebration of life and joy of TGIF

J-Weezy has released his newest track, “Friday,” which praises TGIF by giving a fresh perspective on the joyous occasion and is sure to get anyone into the celebratory mood.

According to a statement by ONErpm,  “Friday” details J-Weezy’s day with such infectious positivity that it makes one want to get up and dance. 

“From start to finish, ‘Friday’ is a tribute to the good times that come with the weekend, encouraging listeners to let loose and enjoy life,” the statement adds.
The production of “Friday” is a smooth slow bop and captivating groove that draws the listener closer while the beats and melodies blend together seamlessly.
“Friday” is a reflection of J-Weezy’s talent and ability to create music that connects with his audience. Don’t miss out on this banger of a song that’s guaranteed to get you into the weekend vibe.

J-Weezy is an artiste and mix engineer, who has participated in some high profile shows in of Nigeria and Ghana such as “Star Trek” in Abuja and Lagos in 2016 as well as “Trace in the City” in Unilag and Laspotech in 2019.

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