Ipswich plumber has book published after being rejected 20 times

Ipswich dad James Jenkins is living the dream after his first novel has been published, IpswichStar reports.

He was undeterred by his 20-plus rejections over the last 11 months before Parochial Pigs was signed to Alien Buddha Press, an American indie publisher, according to the report.

The Castle Hill plumber and father-of-two, who has always written as a hobby, was stunned when he finally received a letter of acceptance for his first work. 

Mr Jenkins said getting the work published had been a “labour of love”.

He added: “I won’t be giving up my day job any time soon.

“It still seems like impostor syndrome and a dream come true.”

In his first novel, Mr Jenkins tells the story of Paul Hargreaves, a detective who wins favour with the Bristol crime lord Bobby Cavendish, climbing his way up the ladder of the illicit empire.

Mr Jenkins said: “Parochial Pigs is a gritty gangland noir crime novel with dark humour and a ritualistic undertone.”

Outside of writing, the father-of-two is a musician, who has been involved in raising money for local charities.

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