Introducing PENG, A Personalized Celebrity Video Message Platform

A new online consumer service has been launched to help you connect better with your favorite talent. The platform is called PENG and it is a service that allows fans to pay low, medium or top-rated African celebrities to deliver short, personalized video messages. Some of the talents already on the platform include Yemi Solade, Paul IK Dairo, Kayode Peters, Omobaba No. 1, Speed Darlington and Lolo (Adaku – Jenifa’s Fairy).

Here’s How it Works.

You make a booking on PENG, you submit specific instructions to the celebrity highlighting what he or she should say while recording the video. The celebrity then reviews the request and either accepts or rejects the booking. Celebrities are segmented into several categories you can choose from which includes comedians, dancers, actors, actresses, influencers, DJs, entrepreneurs and so on.

Acceptance and rejection of bookings are totally dependent on the celebrity. Provided the celebrity accepts the request, the video is created based on the instruction you provide and is delivered directly to your email inbox in less than a week (yes, 7 days). On the other hand, if the celebrity rejects the booking, you will be notified immediately and you get your full refund within 48 hours. Sounds awesome right?

Celebrities are allowed to reject bookings if they are deemed abusive, confusing, overly complicated, contains hate speech or unethical.

Considering this solution from a user’s perspective, the attraction of this service is equally amazing. Surprising your mum or sister with a personalized video shout out from Yemi Solade or Paul IK Dairo will definitely be quite interesting.

One of the co-founders explained that he got the idea for the platform while planning his wedding. He decided to make PENG a reality with the help of his longtime friend. With PENG’s existence, you no longer need to pay high amounts and/or persuade people to get something personalized from a celebrity; you can simply get that on PENG within a few days.

It would also interest you to note that a percentage of the platform’s revenue is donated to charitable causes.

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