International Children’s Book Day 2020

Reading is one of the most loved ways to transcend into fantasy land, anywhere. Books are the reason that most young people believe that the world truly is their oyster. They not only help us to build our imaginative world but also help us build our language skills and more than anything introduces us to irreplaceable, unforgettable stories. And this is the reason that reading is a habit that needs to be inculcated at a young age and International Children’s Book Day celebrates just that. Organised on April 2 by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), International Children’s Book Day celebrates the birthday of notable Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen. Every year, this day is celebrated by organising various writing competitions, elocutions and other means of promoting the hobby of reading among children. As we gear up for the celebration of International Children’s Book Day, here are the top 5 books or series you need to introduce the kids in your life to. Books to Read in 2020: ‘More Myself: A Journey’ by Alicia Keys to ‘Irrfan Khan: The Man, the Dreamer, the Star’ by Aseem Chhabra, 10 Books to Look Forward to in New Year.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, this kid’s book follows around the young and mischievous Peter Rabbit. The book, which captures his chase through the garden of Mr McGregor, is a favourite for young kids. First published in 1902, The Tale of Peter Rabbit continues to be a popular choice not just for the fun and hyped story but the simple and beautiful illustrations as well.

Dr Seuss

There are some classic series that every child needs to read, to shape their future, their emotional intelligence and of course build their overall personality. And there is no doubt that the Dr Seuss books do all this and much more. From the beginner’s guide to the more recent variations, the options of Dr Seuss books to choose from is spectacular.


This classic book of love, relations and magic has to be one of the most loved Children’s books in the last thirty years. Written by the immensely talented Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, Matilda is the story that takes kids through an imaginary ride and leaves them with a wave of happiness and warmth. The supremely popular book has also been adapted into audiobooks, movies and animated series as well.

Harry Potter

Whether you are introducing a 7-8-year-old to this beautiful series or just reading your younger kids stories from JK Rowling’s masterpiece, there is no doubt that Harry Potter is a must-read for every child. It not only incites an array of important emotions like compassion and empathy in you but also brings in near-perfect characters that will grow up to be your kid’s friends. And if all these reasons are not enough, then researchers’ argument that reading the Harry Potter series as a child can make the kid grow to be more emotional and active is enough proof to make this addition to your library. Harry Potter Turns 39 Years Old: 15 Amazing Details About the Boy Wizard and His Friends That You Probably Didn’t Notice in the Movies!

I Am Malala

This is a book for the adolescents in your family that captures an inspiring and real story of Malala. The most courageous thing that you can do is not always physically fighting someone but the small acts of defiance like continuing school or standing up for your rights. And this book captures these emotions to perfection.

We hope that these five suggestions give you the perfect tickle to push the kids in your family towards reading. And while we are at it, tickle your own itch to read and pick up a book again. After all, that is the best way to experience multiple worlds all through the windows of your imagination! Happy International Children’s Book Day.

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