Illbliss unveils uplifting homecoming anthem, “Chukwu Ebuka” featuring Umu Obiligbo

Illbliss, recognised for his prolific 15-year career in the music industry, has emerged with a compelling contribution to the hip-hop scene and the preservation of Igbo music culture. His latest release, “Chukwu Ebuka,” translating to “God is great,” is a testament to his unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

This upbeat highlife track features the renowned Nigerian rapper, also known as OgaBoss, collaborating with the legendary contemporary Igbo highlife duo, Umu Obiligbo. The song celebrates the resilience, hustle, and entrepreneurial triumphs of the Igbo community, particularly the Big Boys. Serving as a homecoming anthem, it resonates with those returning to the South East after pursuing various business endeavours throughout the year, with December holding special significance for these joyous reunions.

“Chukwu Ebuka” radiates positivity and serves as a mood booster, capturing the spirit of vibrant celebrations that mark the festive season. The lyrics mirror the colorful and lively festivities, underscoring the achievements of the community in a dynamic musical narrative. Produced by Yo! Skitter, the track seamlessly blends traditional highlife elements with contemporary beats, creating a unique auditory experience.

Illbliss invites listeners to join in the celebration by making “Chukwu Ebuka” available on all streaming platforms. As the year comes to a close, this homecoming anthem stands as a musical testament to the rich cultural tapestry and accomplishments of the Igbo community.

For a sonic journey celebrating success, resilience and the greatness of God, tune in to “Chukwu Ebuka” and immerse yourself in the rhythmic fusion of Illbliss and Umu Obiligbo’s musical prowess.

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