“I don’t feel well,” Madonna says just 7 days into tour

Madonna’s Celebration tour, which commenced in London on October 14, is already making headlines.

Just seven days in, the Queen of Pop, who is the mother of six children, opened up about her health struggles during a performance in Antwerp, Belgium, leaving fans both concerned and inspired.

In a vulnerable moment, Madonna, 65, revealed her recent battle with a severe health scare. Less than four months prior, she had been in the hospital, unconscious, with some fearing she might not make it. She thanked her fans for their support, acknowledging, “So, it’s a miracle that I’m here right now.”

However, despite being on tour, Madonna admitted, “I don’t feel really well right now, but I can’t complain ’cause I’m alive.” Her candid confession endeared her to the audience, showcasing her strength and resilience.

During the performance, Madonna also shared her deep connection with her late mother, who passed away from breast cancer at a young age. With tears in her eyes, she imagined her mother watching over her and saying, “Girl, it’s not your time to go.”

Madonna’s recent health scare earlier in the summer, when she was admitted to the ICU due to a bacterial infection, had fans worldwide praying for her recovery. She expressed her gratitude to her six children who supported her during this challenging time.

The Celebration tour is Madonna’s first in three years and is set to travel through various iconic cities, including Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, and Milan. Despite her health challenges, Madonna’s iconic spirit and the unwavering support of her fans are driving her forward.

The heartfelt confession in Antwerp has only amplified Madonna’s image as a fierce and resilient performer, leaving her fans eager to witness the rest of the tour. 

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