“I am tired of staying home; The Cinemas need to re-open”- A Rant By Swanky JKA

Nollywood newest entrant and Living In Bondage breakout actor, Swanky JKA today put out a series of rants on his social media accounts as regards the continuous closure of cinemas, inspite of the fact that three hour-long flights have been approved in flight into the state.

The actor also tackled the new law by Lagos State Government to take 5% off any content aired in the State; a law which he described as a ”break in and take’ approach.

Check out the full post below:

As it’s customary
@jidesanwoolu always listens.
Nollywood is dying in the cinemas; as they are the only way people get to support the big players who is looking to put Nollywood on the Global Map

Lagos State passed a law recently; requiring 5% of anything any content creator intends to Air in the state. A preposterous “break-in & take” approach off what you’ve created & funded. We honestly need a sit-down with his Excellency.

If anyone has represented us and gave in too easy or couldn’t even defend the interests of the only industry that without support is the highest export of anything Nigerian eg: tourism; lifestyle including petroleum; then it’s a shame.

We’ve lost most of our best minds to the UK, USA & CANADA; in architecture, medicine, Engineering & most recently in the arts. Lagos keep this law & see the creatives move onto bigger things.

Then let’s talk about why the Cinemas aren’t open yet when flights from sokoto to Lagos is 3hours +; planes fly full capacity but Cinemas has agreed to admit 50% which i think should be 75%; given that the halls are sprayed down after each screening and in some brilliant showrooms; friends & families sit in sections.

I am tired of staying home; The Cinemas need to re-open. No support whether financially or otherwise has been handed down by the government but now they want 5% of whatever we are able to create. Sad 😞
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We need to be protected

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