How Margot Robbie faked her own death

Margot Robbie has admitted that she once faked her own death to play a trick on a babysitter, according to reports.

According to Independent, appearing on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show on Thursday (20 July), Robbie, 33, recalled how she had once pretended to be dead as part of an elaborate prank she played on her adult babysitter.

The Australian actor stars as Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated film about the popular Mattel doll line. 

One trailer for the film sees Barbie ask her other doll friends about death, the outlet writes.

“We got a new babysitter,” the Wolf of Wall Street star recalled. “I wanted my old babysitter back, Talia, who was like 16 and I thought she was so cool. And then we got this much older lady in and I was just not happy about it.”

“She told me to go have a bath and I didn’t want to, and she was very cranky and I thought, I’m going to show you.”

Robbie said she then hatched a plan to fake her own death and went to extreme lengths to convince her new babysitter it was real.

“I got a big kitchen knife and the ketchup and I lay, sprawled out naked on the tiles, covered myself in ketchup and put the kitchen knife,” she said.

“I waited for like 45 minutes for her to find me. But, it was worth the wait.”

Asked if the babysitter ran “screaming from the house”, the actor replied: “Oh yeah.”

“You produced your own death,” her Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling said, with Robbie proudly saying: “I did.”

Barbie arrived in cinemas on Friday (21 July), when the pop star-studded soundtrack was also released.

The film, directed by Lady Bird filmmaker Gerwig, was met with positive reviews and has gained an impressive score on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

Barbie is in cinemas now.


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