Hodler Prize redefines norms of literary recognition, celebrates diversity in written expression

The Hodler Prize 2024, a revolutionary literary initiative challenging the conventional norms of literary recognition, has been announced. Founder Anthony van den Bossche, a passionate writer and advocate for the transformative power of text, is set to shake the literary world with this groundbreaking venture.

The Hodler Prize, named after the term ‘Hodl’ from the Bitcoin community, endeavours to be the international standard for literary accolades. Departing from the traditional hierarchy of literary prizes, it embraces a wide array of written forms – novels, screenplays, poetry, blogs, essays, press articles, opinions, art critiques, songs, speeches and more. The audacious goal: to identify the most important text of the year, transcending boundaries and celebrating the diversity of human expression.

The jury, composed of nine eminent figures from the world of writing, including a representative from the Bitcoin community, stands as an independent and authoritative body. With full powers, the jury is committed to selecting texts that resonate with truth, regardless of their medium or field of expertise. In a unique twist, readers are invited to share the 10th voice of the jury by submitting their discoveries and participating in the voting process via Hodler Prize’s social networks (Holder Prize Chronicle https://hodlerprize.substack.com or on our social networks X and Instagram @hodlerprize). 

What sets the Hodler Prize apart is not only its bold approach to literature but also its embrace of innovation in endowment. Breaking away from conventional cash prizes, the Hodler Prize awards its laureates in Bitcoin – a speculative gamble on the value over time. Founder Anthony van den Bossche expresses a commitment to the future, believing that a literary prize is inherently a speculation on what texts will endure through the ages.

The competing texts for the Hodler Prize 2024 will be revealed next week, and the public has until December 31 to submit their choices. The grand announcement and award ceremony will take place on April 24, 2024, at the Grand Amour Hotel in Paris, promising a night of celebration and literary exploration.

Anthony van den Bossche, the visionary behind Hodler Prize, brings a unique blend of literary passion and a deep understanding of contemporary design. A former journalist and founder of the press relations agency duende PR, his latest novel, Grand Platinum, attests to his dedication to the written word.

The Hodler Prize Jury for 2024 has been revealed, featuring an eclectic mix of accomplished individuals from the arts, technology, literature and film industries.

Martin Bethenod, renowned for his extensive contributions to the art world, leads the panel. Having served as the General Curator of FIAC and Managing Director of Palazzo Grassi, Bethenod brings a wealth of expertise in contemporary art curation.

Emanuele Coccia, a philosopher with a diverse portfolio including animated videos and collaborations with renowned artists, adds a unique perspective. His work at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales and writings on the relationship between fashion and philosophy showcase his interdisciplinary approach.

Chelsea E. Manning, a prominent technologist and advocate for government transparency, joins the jury. Her impactful actions have demonstrated the power of individual conscience in driving change, particularly in the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, an acclaimed author and creative nonfiction professor, contributes literary depth to the panel. Their award-winning work, The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir, has garnered international acclaim and is currently in development with HBO.

Rachel Monroe, a respected writer based in Marfa, Texas, known for her coverage of crime and obsession, enriches the panel with her keen insights into storytelling and the human condition.

Tolu Ogunlesi, former Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, brings a unique perspective on digital engagement and strategic communications, reflecting his extensive experience in journalism and government service.

Diego Ongaro, a distinguished French film director, offers a cinematic perspective, having garnered acclaim for his feature films showcased at prestigious festivals like Sundance and Cannes.

Adli Takkal-Bataille, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency sector, adds a technological edge. His commitment to non-profit activities and co-authorship of seminal books on Bitcoin position him as a leading voice in the crypto world.

Vanessa Walters, an accomplished author, playwright, and journalist, rounds out the diverse jury. With a rich background in media and literature, Walters brings a nuanced understanding of storytelling and its impact.

This multifaceted jury promises to bring a wealth of perspectives to the Hodler Prize, undoubtedly shaping the intersection of cryptocurrency and the arts in profound ways.

In a literary landscape undergoing transformation, the Hodler Prize 2024 emerges as a beacon, challenging established norms and propelling literature into a speculative yet exciting future. The literary world eagerly awaits the unveiling of the competing texts, and only time will tell if the Hodler Prize becomes the sought-after benchmark for literary excellence.


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