Here’s why NBC put a ban on Ric Hassani’s song, ‘Thunder Fire You.’

Ric Hassani made the announcement about the ban of ‘Thunder Fire Me’ by NBC rather indifferently but twitter reacted a little more animatedly.

The song which is off his latest body of work titled, ‘The Prince I have Become’ is a beautiful analysis of heartbreak affirmed by the popular local parlance ‘Thunder Fire You’ used by many Nigerians to express frustration or annoyance at something.

Nigerians on Twitter went into a moral spin attacking NBC for banning a song like ‘Thunder Fire You’ from the airwaves, while ignoring more volatile songs like ‘Cash App’ and a few other choice alternatives.

What are the factors that determine why a song is banned in Nigeria? Does the artiste/song writer have a chance to defend or explain the song in question? In a hyper-informed world like ours where everything from wired sex fetish to how to make a bomb is available for free on the internet, what’s the sense in banning a song with less than stellar lyrics?

Does ‘Thunder Fire Me’ deserve the harsh verdict given to it by NBC?

You tell us.

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