Halle Berry would like to direct another movie

Halle Berry “definitely” wants to direct another movie.

Moonfall star Halle Berry is reportedly desperate to “get behind the camera” after her directorial debut Bruised – which she also starred in -came out on Netflix last year but is not yet sure about her next directing project.

According to a Contact Music report, the 55-year-old actress told Collider: “I am going to get behind the camera again. I can’t tell you what I’m doing for sure, for sure yet, but I definitely want to do it again.”

The Oscar-winner did reveal that she doesn’t want an acting role in the project as she finds directing demanding enough.

Halle said: “And I definitely will not act in it this time. Directing is large enough.”

The ‘Catwoman’ star detailed the “tough” difficulties she had with financing ‘Bruised’- which centres on the former UFC fighter Jackie Justice.

Halle said: “Finding financing was really tough. One day we had money, one day we didn’t. Even once, when we started to shoot, I was told countless times that we were going to be shut down because the money just wasn’t coming through the way it was promised. So you know, but do things like that because they’re labours of love. And I had to tell the story, so I had to keep pushing through but it was really challenging on many, many levels.”

She picked the movie – which tells the tale of Jackie trying to build a relationship with her son who she gave up for adoption as an infant – as it is a piece of work that constitutes “so much” of her.

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