Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Chukwudi Iwuji on rumours about mystery Marvel role

Chukwudi Iwuji is speaking out — but keeping mum — about his highly sought-after role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, according to Comic Book

In fact, the platform says, when writer-director James Gunn confirmed the Peacemaker actor was joining the Guardians cast, Gunn teased that Iwuji won the role “most every big name actor in Hollywood wanted.” Online speculation has named cosmic characters like the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill, but more recent rumors claim Iwuji will be playing the god-like creator called The High Evolutionary. Iwuji reacts to those rumors in a lengthy interview with The Movie Dweeb, saying he’ll be staying mum about his undisclosed role:

“I saw those [rumors] recently, I’ve seen that. I saw Silver Surfer, I saw Nova, I’ve seen [many],” Iwuji said. “For me to wrap my head around the fact that I am the subject of speculation around the Internet is kind of fun. But I have to stay mum, I can’t tell you. I’d love to.”

Gunn has only called Ijuwi “one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with” after directing him in Peacemaker, where Ijuwi plays a mercenary tasked with handling the vigilante Christopher Smith (John Cena). 

Ijuwi joins fellow Marvel newcomer Will Poulter, who enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Adam Warlock. Returning franchise stars include Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), Sean Gunn (Kraglin), Sylvester Stallone (Stakar Ogord), Vin Diesel (the voice of Groot), and Bradley Cooper (the voice of Rocket Raccoon).

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