Goya Menor and Spyro collaborate on new remix of ‘Don Dada’

Goya Menor and Spyro have joined forces to give birth to a sensational remix of their hit track, “Don Dada.” 

This dynamic collaboration by the Nigerian musical powerhouses seamlessly weaves together Afrobeat, dancehall and contemporary elements, forging a one-of-a-kind and uplifting auditory experience that exuberantly celebrates the spirit of self-expression.

The electrifying performance by Goya Menor, known for his high-energy stage presence, effortlessly harmonises with Spyro’s calm and collected demeanour, establishing a perfect equilibrium between the two artistes. 

Goya Menor, reflecting on the collaboration, said, “This remix transcends being just a song; it’s a celebration of artistic expression. Partnering with Spyro has been a dream realized, and we’re eager for our fans to immerse themselves in the magic we’ve crafted.”

With a pulsating drumbeat and an infectious hook, the remix is destined to have listeners involuntarily exclaiming “Boss!” in no time. The hope is that this revitalised version of “Don Dada” will serve as an inspirational anthem, urging audiences to embrace their creativity and revel in their unique talents.

Experience the synergy of Goya Menor and Spyro by listening to the remix here.

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