Glo Battle of the Year Episode 8 sees Bboys and Bgirls champions unite

Episode 8 of the biggest dance show in the country, Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria, went beyond the conventional 1 vs 1 battle that entertained the audience from the inception of the competition.

This episode featured the show rounds as Crews took to the dance floor, across the six regions, to showcase their collective dance moves. Viewers had their first view opportunity on Glo TV, Globacom’s streaming app at 8 pm on Saturday 26 March 2022.

Episode 8 was filled with stunts, moves, dizzying dancesteps, and even comedy across the six regions. Bboys and Bgirls whom we had seen in previous episodes as solo contenders came together as crewmates to creatively produce the winning dance routine in choreography, legworks, and stunts. Here is a quick rundown of four major highpoints from Episode 8 of the show.

Bgirl Vibe reappears as a crew member: Bgirl Vibe featured in Episode 4 of the show as a Bgirl where she qualified for the finals of the competition. In this episode, Bgirl Vibe turned up with her crew, Hill City Breakers in Abuja. Vibe’s lucky charm was more than enough to secure a place in the next round.

Bboy and Bgirl Champions unite in the race for Megamillions: Bboy Lil Vic, Bboy Six God, and Bgirl Cruxy merged winners in the Abuja Bboy, Enugu Bboy, and Abuja Bgirl categories respectively. However, this trio alongside other powerful dancers came together in Enugu to form the Outsider crew. With only 2 crews competing in Enugu we will have to wait till Episode 10 to see who qualifies.

Bboy Prym resurfaces in grand style: Fan favourite, David Wonderful who is popularly known as Bboy Prym resurfaced in Episode 8. The Enugu-based dancer now has an extra opportunity to get back into the show not just as a wildcard but this time as a crew member but first, his crew Step Squad will have to go up against his nemesis, Six God who is a member of the Outsider crew.

Diamond Stars excite judges with comical steps: In Benin, the judges were tickled when three dancers came on stage to give a very comical performance. For a moment, the judges thought they were in a circus as the dancers of the Diamond Stars crew thrilled with comic but creative moves on the dancefloor. The Crew didn’t make it to the next round but they stood out as a major highlight for this episode.

As we head toward the live shows billed to hold on the 23rd and 30th of April, viewers can vote back any of the evicted regional finalists via the Wildcard section on the Glo Battle of the Year website,


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