Gambo features Lade on soulful track “Nobody”

Ghanaian rapper Bashir Annan, widely recognised as Gambo, has teamed up with the talented artiste Lade to drop their latest track, “Nobody.” 

Gambo, a laureate of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Unsung Artiste of The Year, takes listeners on a lyrical journey delving into his personal love life and financial experiences.

In the heart of “Nobody,” Gambo bares his soul, revealing the challenge of attracting individuals who are drawn to him primarily for his financial standing, only to vanish when the money dwindles. He poignantly expresses, “All the fine girls they come my way cause I got cash. If money leaves my side, dem (them) go run run run.” It’s a theme that resonates with many who face similar struggles in their daily lives, highlighting the transient nature of affection when wealth is the magnet.

Gambo, a seasoned wordmith, expounds on how society tends to demonstrate affection and companionship when one possesses financial resources. However, he posits a thought-provoking question – who will stand by your side when the money is no longer there? 

“Nobody” encapsulates the raw emotional turmoil of grappling with lost love in times of financial instability.

Throughout the song, Gambo and Lade harmoniously blend their musical prowess, using poignant lyrics to paint a vivid picture of life, love, money and adversity. Their message to fans is crystal clear: seek out those who offer genuine love and unwavering support during both prosperous and challenging moments.

“Nobody” not only serves as a compelling musical composition but also carries a profound message about the enduring nature of authentic relationships. Gambo and Lade’s collaboration is poised to resonate with audiences, urging them to reflect on the authenticity of connections in their own lives.

The track can be experienced by listening here.

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