FirstKlaz fuses Afrobeat and Fuji in groundbreaking “Gen-Z Fuji” anthem

FirstKlaz is taking the industry by storm with his innovative fusion of Afrobeat and traditional Fuji, creating a distinctive and captivating sound.

Having honed his musical skills since the tender age of 10 within his church choir, the 23-year-old singing sensation has emerged as a rising star with a unique approach to music. 

His latest creation, “Gen-Z Fuji,” produced by Monstersoundz, has sent shockwaves through social media platforms since its teaser release on December 30th.

With over 227,910 views on TikTok and 255,080 on Facebook, the anticipation for “Gen-Z Fuji” is palpable. The musical revelation from Abuja, Nigeria, shedding light on the creative process, shared, “We were experimenting with different sounds in the studio… a Fuji song with salsa drums and relatable lyrics.” The inspiration struck late at night, with a nostalgic chord reminiscent of his school choir days.

The magic of the song unfolded as the artiste explained, “I felt nostalgic and hummed along the mic. We fell asleep and woke up to our friend Adeshotz, a photographer, who liked the song and wanted to make a video for it.” The collaboration with photographer Adeshotz and the inclusion of a Fuji hook from a legendary Ayinde Sikiru Barrister track added an extra layer of authenticity.

FirstKlaz expressed gratitude to Barryjhay for allowing the use of his father’s iconic Fuji hook in the track. The artiste boldly labelled the record as “a breath of fresh air, something no one has done before.” “Gen-Z Fuji” is poised to become a cultural phenomenon, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary musical expression. Stay tuned and catch the revolutionary sound of FirstKlaz, making waves from Abuja to the global stage.

Listen to the groundbreaking track here. For more updates, follow FirstKlaz on Instagram and X (Twitter).


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