Europa Editions to publish world English translation of Basim Khandaqji’s ‘Mask’

Following Basim Khandaqji’s win of the prestigious International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) for his novel A Mask, the Color of the Sky, Europa Editions has secured world English rights to publish a translation of the book, per

The announcement comes after Sandro Ferri, publisher of Europa Editions, acquired the rights earlier this year from Rana Idriss at Dar al-Adab.

Khandaqji, a Palestinian author currently imprisoned by Israeli authorities, has become the third Palestinian writer to win the IPAF. His novel, set for release by Europa Editions in 2026, tells the story of Nur, a Palestinian archaeologist who assumes a new identity after finding an Israeli ID card, leading to a journey of both opportunity and personal conflict.

Michael Reynolds, editor-in-chief of Europa Editions, praised the IPAF for recognizing books that appeal to a broad readership while remaining literary. He emphasized the importance of publishing and reading more Palestinian voices, expressing confidence that Khandaqji’s book will reach substantial audiences.

Khandaqji, who has been in Israeli prison since he was 21, has previously published poetry collections and novels, including *Rituals of the First Time*, *The Breath of a Nocturnal Poem*, *The Narcissus of Isolation*, *The Eclipse of Badr al-Din*, and *The Breath of a Woman Let Down*.

The announcement of Khandaqji’s win has garnered significant international press coverage, with his brother, Yousef Khandaqji, dedicating the victory to all Palestinian people during the award ceremony in Abu Dhabi. Europa Editions looks forward to bringing Khandaqji’s powerful narrative to English-speaking audiences worldwide.

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