Eugy unveils uplifting new single ‘Safe Space’

Eugy has unveiled his latest single, “Safe Space,” following the success of his previous track, “He Called Me”. Born Eugene Entsir, Eugy continues to delve into themes of faith and spirituality with his new song.

“Safe Space” beautifully captures the journey from feeling lost to finding profound peace in surrendering to God’s presence. The song’s heartfelt lyrics, such as “You told me to ride with you, Confide in you, You gave me a safe space So I could abide with you,” evoke a deep sense of comfort, trust and gratitude, creating a sanctuary for listeners.

The Ghanaian-British artiste describes “Safe Space” as a deeply personal and emotional piece. “This song comes straight from the heart,” he shares. “It’s my journey of faith and the sense of peace I found in God’s love. I hope ‘Safe Space’ uplifts your spirit and reminds you that you are never alone.”

As Eugy continues to share his spiritual journey through his music, “Safe Space” stands out as a testament to the power of faith and the solace it can bring. 

“Safe Space” is now available on all streaming platforms here and fans can connect with Eugy and the uplifting message of faith and reassurance on Instagram & X.

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