ENE Yatt, Lyrical Joe release ‘’Kwere’’

ENE Yatt, a talented Afrobeats duo based in Ghana and Nigeria have released ‘’Kwere’’ a single made in collaboration with the well-known Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe.

The Afrobeat vibe-along song speaks about love, bond and describes loving someone in a special way that you can go that extra mile for them. 

Love, according to ENE Yatt and Lyrical Joe the song, requires patience, tolerance and they paint all that in music and lyrics in this body of work. 

‘’Kwere’’, which means ‘’Agree’’, was inspired by being in that space where you find someone you love and want to be with and you will do anything to make them see that you truly care about them, and all you do every minute you get is show them, either by action or by word of mouth, but the action always comes in. 

ENE Yatt believe love is a beautiful thing and if we showed love more the world would be a better place. When you love someone always make sure you tell them because you never know! They may love you back too. Enjoy ‘’Kwere’’!


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