Ed Sheeran to sell abstract artwork for charity auction

Ed Sheeran, who once said he paints for his own enjoyment, is donating one of his paintings for a good cause as part of a charity auction. This is the first and only time his art has been made available for sale.

He donated the artwork, which he titled “Dab 2 2020”, to the Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy auction, to raise money for children and young people in need.

The title comes from a nickname Sheeran has had for his father since childhood.

He said he “painted a canvas a day for 30 days”, adding that it was really fun. 

“It’s something that makes me happy; that no one else needs to judge. There’s no part of the creative process that people judge, if you’re just doing it for yourself.”

Proceeds from the Legacy auction will help children’s charity GeeWizz to redevelop a playground for children with disabilities and special educational needs.

The Zest charity, part of St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich, which helps teenagers and young adults with progressive and incurable illnesses live their lives to the full, will also benefit.

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