Early Screening Of “Brahms: The Boy II”

Horror movies and creepy dolls go hand-in-hand like rhythm and blues. We’ve had Annabelle, Chucky, Slappy and Billy the Puppet. 2016’s horror film, The Boy, however, introduced us to a new uncomfortably innocent-looking demon-possessed life-like doll, Brahms. The 2020 sequel, Brahms: The Boy II, promises even more haunting moments. The iconic life-size porcelain doll is back to wreak havoc.

As the first trailer for The Boy II reveals, the doll from the first film is discovered by a young boy whose family is staying in a cottage that happens to be near the Heelshire Mansion, where the events of the first movie took place. Buried under some dirt and leaves, the boy digs him up and returns home to fix him up. Not a smart move, you must admit.

That’s where the movie takes a turn for the surreal.

Text courtesy fortressofsolitutde.co.za

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