Dwayne Johnson expresses disappointment over decision to delay “Black Adam” sequel

In a recent appearance on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart show, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opened up about his disappointment regarding the decision to halt the sequel for Black Adam, his superhero movie in the DC Universe.

During the interview, Johnson expressed his belief that Black Adam’s potential sequel got caught up in what he described as a “vortex of new leadership.” He crunched the numbers and disagreed with the notion that the movie was a failure. In fact, he pointed out that it had the biggest opening of his career and made a significant impact, despite not being released in China.

The actor also emphasized the efforts to create a diverse superhero portfolio, further cementing Black Adam’s importance in the franchise. The inclusion of iconic characters like Superman and Henry Cavill generated immense excitement from fans, indicating the movie’s success in establishing a new superhero presence.

Despite these achievements, Johnson shared his theory that the decision not to proceed with a sequel had less to do with the movie itself and more to do with new ownership or leadership taking charge in the DC Universe. Drawing an analogy with an NFL team, he compared it to a new owner opting for different coaching and quarterback choices, regardless of the team’s past successes and accomplishments.

With his passion for the character and dedication to the project, Dwayne Johnson’s disappointment is palpable. Fans around the world await any updates on the future of Black Adam and hope that the superhero will eventually return to the big screen, bringing his electrifying presence back to the DC Universe.

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