Dredi explores trust, betrayal, God’s protection on new Afropop single “Frenemies”

Rising Afropop artiste Dredi has just released her latest single “Frenemies”, a song that speaks to the complexities of navigating relationships with those who may not have your best interests at heart.

Released via ONErpm, a statement says that “Frenemies” is a beautifully crafted Afropop track that begins with an inviting production, allowing Dredi’s voice to set the tone for the record.

As the song progresses, the statement adds, Dredi’s powerful vocals take centre stage, delivering lyrics that explore the theme of frenemies – people who are enemies disguised as friends.

The track starts with Dredi seeking God’s protection from her enemies, acknowledging the difficult reality of living in a world where not everyone has your back. However, as the song progresses, Dredi takes control and asserts her strength, reminding her listeners that she is not to be underestimated.

“Frenemies” is an empowering track that highlights Dredi’s incredible talent as both a songwriter and a performer. Her vocals are impressive, drawing listeners in with their strength and clarity. The track’s production is equally impressive, with a mix of traditional Afropop beats and modern influences that make the song feel fresh and current.


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